60 Years Ago this Month a Plastic Surgeon Made History

Sixty years ago a plastic surgeon made history when he successfully performed a kidney transplant. That plastic surgeon paved the way for many to experience second chances with the help of organ donors: deceased and living.

This last July, I gave my plastic surgeon husband my left kidney to save his life after a vaccine almost took him away from us all. I am happy to report both of us are doing GREAT! In addition to receiving my left kidney, he also inherited my sweet tooth and low blood pressure.  We have decided to stay out of work during this recovery and plan to return in 2015.  His recovery has been remarkable. And, it is true what they say that it is harder on the donor: the donor had to take care of the recipient!

My husband wrote a tribute to me in which he shared on his blog. He published this article on the eve of our surgery at UAB:


I would like to thank all of our plastic fantastic friends and family who have followed us through this process. The Plastic Surgery Community is solid gold!

About The Plastic Truth

Plastic Surgery Practice Manager, Founder of ThePlasticTruth.com, kidney donor, website administrator, all things plastic surgery blogger, and non-profit executive administrator. Google theplastictruth@aol.com
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2 Responses to 60 Years Ago this Month a Plastic Surgeon Made History

  1. From us here in Australia, we wish you both an uncomplicated, great recovery – now that is what we call, teamwork 🙂

    • Millard Principle #19: Use Robin Hood’s Tissue Apportionment

      If only Ralph were still here to see how this Principle applied. The Principles are universal! Robbing Pamela to Pay Paul.

      Thanks for your following and nice comments!

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