About the Author

Pamela Howard, ThePlasticTruth.comPamela Howard has been a Plastic Surgery Consultant for over 15 years. Married to Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Howard, she has intimate knowledge and details about the Plastic Surgery industry.  Pamela has a long love and admiration for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and has traveled to third-world countries to help children born with facial deformities.  She is the founder of ThePlasticTruth.com, an educational website exposing deceptive marketing in the Aesthetic Industry and assisting consumers on finding a real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Mrs. Howard has received international support and recognition since launching The Plastic Truth in 2010.  In addition to her duties as Practice Manager in her husband’s office, she is also an Executive Director and Executive Administrator for two non-profit organizations that benefit children born with facial deformities.  Pamela is fondly known as “The Queen” by plastic surgeons world-wide, having been given that nick-name by the late Dr. Ralph Millard.  To learn more about Pamela Howard and The Plastic Truth:



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